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How do I request customer pricing reports?

How do I request customer pricing reports?

Navigate to Customer Pricing Reports

To request pricing reports, Sign In and follow the link under Products & Services, Ordering and click on Pricing Reports.

New Request

1. To submit a request, make sure you have the correct account selected.

2. Your email will default from your profile.

3. Part Type is required.

4. Pricing Year will be the current year.

  • Next Year Pricing will be available only in 4th Quarter

5. Select your Report Type:

  • Either upload a list of parts (up to 1,000)
  • Or you can run the Your Spares Pricing Report which will be based on published parts that you have purchased in the last two years.

6. Enter a Report Name of your preference for your request.

7. Select Submit.

Report Type – Upload List of Part Numbers

8. If you choose to upload part numbers.

9. You can upload up to 1,000 part numbers per request.

Confirmation Message and Email Notification

10. You will receive a confirmation message when your request is submitted.

11. The report may take up to 24 hours or 2 more depending upon the number of records. You will receive an email notification when your report is ready.


12. Your request will appear in the Pending Reports section until it has been fully processed.

13. After it has been fully processed, your 2 report will appear in the Customer Pricing Reports section.

Report Retrieval

Reports are available for 30 days from the Request Date.

14. Click on the File Name to download the report.

15. The Download Manager will create your report for download.

Excel File

16. From the zipped file, you can open the Excel file or Save to your computer.

17. Customer Pricing Report sample file.

Airworthiness Eligibility

  • On the New parts, a new column has been added for Airworthiness Eligibility.
  • Additional information can be found in the Online Ordering tool.
  • Examples of Airworthiness Eligibility include:
Certificate of Conformance Only This part will ship with Certificate of Conformance only.
Eligible The part is eligible for a Honeywell airworthiness tag.
Info Not Available Unable to retrieve data from our system.
NA This part is unavailable for purchase from Honeywell.
Not Eligible This part is not eligible for a Honeywell airworthiness tag.
OEM Only This part can only be sold to Original Aircraft Manufacturer. Please contact the aircraft manufacturer to purchase this part.
To Be Determined Honeywell airworthiness tag eligibility has not been determined for this part.


  • The New parts may have Notes displayed in the far right column of the report.
  • Additional information can be found in the Online Ordering tool.
  • Examples of Notes include:
Critical Part This part has been identified as a critical part and there may be a delay in fulfilling an order.
Divested - Not Sold By Honeywell This part has been divested and is no longer available from Honeywell. Check the Part Description field for more information.
Multiple Potential Replacements This part number has multiple potential replacements.
Non Published Price This is a Non Catalog Part and as such is subject to fluctuate in both price & lead time without prior notice. Please submit a request for quote. Additionally this item is also subject to our "NonCancellation Policy".
Not for Sale This part is unavailable for purchase from Honeywell.
Part Has Minimum Order Quantity This part number requires a minimum order quantity.
Part May Have Replacement This part can sometimes be replaced with another part.
Part Not Found This part number was not found in our system.
Part Validation Failed - Try Again Later Part validation could not be completed at this time due to a technical issue. Please try your search again at a later time.
Please Contact Supplier To purchase this part, please contact the supplier. Check the Part Description for more information.
Price Based on Available Inventory Only This is a Non Catalog Part. The price and lead time quoted are valid only for the part number and based on available inventory only and are subject to change without notification based on available inventory or prior sale.
Requested Part Replaced This part number has been replaced. Check Online Ordering for more information.
Ships from Another Honeywell Facility This part is shipping from another Honeywell facility. As a result the standard shipping methods for an order may be overridden.
Unavailable for Purchase Online This part number is not available for purchase online. Please submit a request for quote.

Need Help or Assistance

If you need additional assistance with the Customer Pricing Reports, please click here to contact us.