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IntuVue RDR-7000 Weather Radar System: Configure & Buy tool launched

IntuVue RDR-7000 Weather Radar System: Configure & Buy tool launched

IntuVue RDR-7000 Weather Radar System: Configure & Buy tool launched

Upon its release in 2006, Honeywell’s IntuVue RDR-4000 set a new standard for weather radars - fully automated weather at a glance. IntuVue’s volumetric 3-D scanning and ground return elimination provide pilots a more complete view of the weather - a leap in technology over all other airborne weather radar systems.

With the introduction of the RDR-7000 and its small size and lower weight, Honeywell can offer all the latest technology and benefits that large commercial and top-end business jets have been taking advantage of for the last few years with the RDR-4000, to older and/or smaller aircraft as a retrofit solution with only minimal wiring changes and a modification of the faceplate for the weather radar controller(s).

IntuVue scans all the weather in front of the aircraft out to 320NM and from the surface to 60,000 feet, filling a 3-dimensional buffer. The buffer is continuously updated and even maintains weather information that shows the weather as it passes behind the aircraft.

The automated capability of the RDR-7000 radar virtually eliminates pilot interaction to manipulate the radar and interpret the data.

IntuVue’s internal Terrain Database removes virtually all ground returns, the only radar on the market that offers this feature. This feature eliminates tilt-control/pilot interpretation issues and has significant information integrity advantages over radars that utilize algorithms to remove ground returns. To see a demonstration of IntuVue’s capabilities and features, please click here.

The RDR-7000 will show weather “Off-path” and differentiate it and it will show hazardous weather with very intuitive symbology.

The RDR-7000 has been designed with future growth software options such as Vertical Weather Display & and Connected Weather in mind without the need to change the basic radar hardware.

To learn more about the IntuVue RDR-7000 Weather Radar System, please click here for our product page.

Here is a link to our Sales Bulletin page where you can search for the Sales Bulletin related to this product.


Does an operator need to have the new DUs (875/885) to receive ALL the features and benefits of RDR-7000?

The new Primus Elite displays are NOT required to get the radar automation or optional hazard features such as Predictive hail and lightning or the Predictive (forward looking) Windshear that we are selling. The radar will display properly with the SPZ, P1000 and P2000 legacy displays.

For future reference, there will eventually (probably in 2021) be enhanced features such as vertical weather display (VWD) that will be able to display the vertical slice in the direction the aircraft is traveling form ground to 60K feet and out a few hundred nautical miles that will display on an iPad after incorporation of an edge node into the flight deck (the edge node will wirelessly transmit the weather radar detail to the iPad).

Are aircraft with Garmin cockpits eligible for the upgrade?

We are pot pursuing any aircraft types/platforms at this point in time that do not have Honeywell Primus P660/880/700/701 radars currently installed.

Do aircraft with 12” antennas have the option to buy Predictive (forward looking) windshear?

Aircraft equipped with 12” antennas DO NOT have the option to purchase Predictive Windshear at this time. There is no current program to offer this, but it is technically possible without having to modify the hardware so if enough operators expressed a serious interest we could look at a development program.

I have another aircraft with a Honeywell Primus radar on it. Will that aircraft be eligible to retrofit to the RDR-7000 also?

We are developing STCs for a variety of aircraft. They will be offered to the field in groups, so your other aircraft may be on a follow on STC program.

Where can I find the RDR-7000 installation manual and other documentation?

Access Honeywell Technical Publications

Where can I purchase upgraded software features for the RDR-7000?

Visit our RDR-7000 product page for more information purchasing additional features at IntuVue RDR-7000 Weather Radar System

Do I need to purchase all the software options now with the original installation or can I wait till a later point in time?

The software optional features such as Predicted Hail/Lightning, extended range turbulence or predicted windshear do NOT need to be purchased at original installation. You will receive the benefits of the newer technology included the automated operation of the radar and 3D volumetric buffer but you will not have the additional safety comfort features mentioned above. For this reason, Honeywell recommends purchasing all the software features to gain maximum benefit of the new radar. Software options have specially discounted package pricing when all options are purchased together.