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Online Ordering - GoDirect Trade Integration

Online Ordering - GoDirect Trade Integration

We now have full integration with GoDirect Trade - Honeywell’s online marketplace for used Aerospace parts. Once logged into Aerospace.Honeywell.com, customers can access Honeywell’s extensive used serviceable material with real-time availability and pricing.

Does my username and password work on both Aerospace.Honeywell.com and GoDirect Trade?

Yes - Your username and password are synchronized and are the same for both sites.

Once I find a part I want to purchase on GoDirect Trade, if I’m still inside Aerospace.Honeywell.com, do I need to log back into GoDirect Trade with my username and password?

No, you only need to sign in once through Aerospace.Honeywell.com. Once you are logged in, if you open up a new tab or a new session with www.godirecttrade.com, you will be automatically signed in.

My company receives special pricing and discounts. Does GoDirect Trade have special pricing and will it know what special pricing to give me based on my company?

Yes, GoDirect Trade will recognize your company and if your company is eligible to receive any special discounted pricing, you will see that reflected within Online Ordering.

What is GoDirect Trade and why does Honeywell have two separate applications for aerospace parts?

GoDirect Trade is an online marketplace for used aerospace parts that is powered by Honeywell. However, it is a true marketplace with many seller storefronts and is not just for Honeywell parts. Aerospace.Honeywell.com and GoDirect Trade are considered two separate applications but with this new integration, the two applications are synchronized so users have a seamless experience between the two platforms.

How do I access GoDirect Trade?

To access the marketplace, go to www.godirecttrade.com.

Is it free to become a user?

Registering and becoming a user is absolutely free.

Is it free to become a seller and start selling parts?

We have many active storefronts and we offer a free 6 month seller subscription with unlimited listings and unlimited sales. After the 6 months is up, you can keep your storefront up and running for as low as $500/month.