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We are advancing the state-of-the-art in Reaction Wheels for small satellites.

Honeywell is advancing the state-of-the-art for a small satellite reaction wheel assembly (RWA) application by offering a technical solution that preserves Honeywell high value, heritage and reliable operation.

What is a reaction wheel assembly?

A reaction wheel is a type of flywheel used primarily to control the attitude of a spacecraft of satellite. They work using electric motors, which spin the wheels to tilt or point a spacecraft using momentum. Essentially, they keep a spacecraft still, making them a good option for communications satellites that point at fixed targets on the ground.

The HR04, HC7 and HC9 reaction wheel assemblies have been designed to offer extreme flexibility in packaging options as well as providing precision performance supported by advanced drive technology, in a greatly reduced package.

Reliability does not need to be compromised for a small scale RWA response in a large market demand.

Introducing the HC7 and HC9 reach wheel assemblies

These RWAs have been designed to offer extreme flexibility in momentum and torque options, tailored to New Space price points, while providing precision RWA performance supported by advanced drive technology. Gen 1 Qualification was completed in June 2021.

Key Honeywell Advantages

  • High-output, low-jitter performance for precision position and pointing control
  • Plug-and-play ACS insertion
  • Minimized vehicle integration time
  • Application scalable optimization

Key Integrated Honeywell Technologies

  • Proven spin-bearing design
  • Insensitive to low or transitional operational speeds
  • Optimized momentum density packaging
  • Flexible vehicle digital interface

Brochures  (2)
Brochures  (2)
HC7 and HC9 RWAs
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HR04 Reaction Wheel System
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