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HG4934SRS 3-Axis Space Rate Sensor

HG4934SRS 3-Axis Space Rate Sensor

Adapted from our highly successful heritage product, for the small satellite market.

Honeywell has adapted our highly successful angular rate sensor technology for the small satellite market.

The demands of this market are low cost, size, weight and power. Using our heritage designs and adapting them for these specific market needs, Honeywell has created a market-leading rate sensor with a volume less than 5 in³ that weighs less than 145 grams and requires less than 3 watts of power. In-run bias stability is better than 1 deg/hr.

The HG4934SRS follows a strict part selection and management plan that ensure the HG4934SRS achieves guaranteed TID and SEE radiation performance. The qualified design incorporates additional features that make it suited for use in Space such as sensor technology insensitive to helium exposure, mitigation of floating metal, and SEFI/SEU mitigation features. 

The HG4934 was qualified in 2020 for a 6 year LEO mission with 5 years of ground integration on the satellite.

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Brochures  (1)
HG4934SRS 3-Axis Rate Sensor
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