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Honeywell UV Treatment System

Portable ultraviolet-c light (UVC) system designed to reduce various viruses and bacteria on targeted surfaces within passenger transportation systems.

The Honeywell UV Treatment System is a portable ultraviolet-c light (UVC) system that, when properly applied, reduces certain viruses and bacteria on targeted surfaces within passenger transportation systems such as aircraft, passenger railways, buses, ferries and more.

About the size of an aircraft beverage cart, the system irradiates high intensity 254nm UVC light across entire cross-sections of passenger seating at once. The system can treat a cabin or coach of thirty rows of seating in less than ten minutes, maximizing fleet efficiency and minimizing downtime.

Telescoping wings can adapt to a variety of seating configurations, while an attached hand wand offers extra maneuverability in tight spaces. Its robust frame with sliding light cover is designed for durability and added protection during transfer. With a low cost of ownership and optional service plans, it can be implemented for as low as $1 USD per use, depending on fleet size and treatment frequency.

In clinical studies, UVC technology has been found to significantly reduce various bacteria and viruses on targeted surfaces at prescribed dosages. Recently, 254nm UVC lights has been found in limited clinical testing to be capable of inactivating SARS-CoV-2 (the virus which causes COVID-19) at certain doses.*

The Honeywell UV Treatment System is part of a complete suite of products aimed at helping operators better protect passengers and crew. Minimize downtime, reduce cost of ownership and help improve passenger and crew confidence with the Honeywell UV Treatment System.

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Downloads  (3)
Brochure: Honeywell UV Treatment System
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Whitepaper: Honeywell UV Treatment System
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Brochure: Effects of UV-C on Aircraft Interior Materials
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*As published in two 2020 studies conducted in the United States and Italy.  Testing was performed in clinical environments and results in aircraft or other environments have not been tested.

This product has not been tested specifically as to protection against COVID-19. As with all of our products and services, Honeywell will adhere to its commitment to integrity and compliance within its global supply chain; meet relevant legal, scientific and industry standards; substantiate claims; and obtain necessary regulatory approvals as products progress through the development process.