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Space Satellite
Space Satellite

Space Mechanisms

Honeywell actuators are used for launch vehicles and spacecraft for thrust vector control and engine valve control.

For more than half a century, Honeywell has been at the very heart of space programs, providing vital technologies, systems, ground systems engineering and operations to enable mission success. Operating for the entire duration of flight, Honeywell actuators are used on Launch Vehicles, Rockets, and Spacecraft for thrust vector control, berthing and docking, vibration control, solar array drive mechanisms, antennae pointing, and engine valve control.

Radiation Hardened Systems And Components

Honeywell has more than 50 years in experience on the analysis and mitigation of the effects of radiation on commercial and military systems. Our Radiation Effect Center of Excellence has test equipment that can perform both prompt gamma testing (flash x-ray) and high/low dose rate total dose testing (irradiator). Honeywell is home to the Trusted Foundry facility for radiation hardened microelectronics. We are the leading supplier of radiation hardened microelectronics design, fabrication, assembly, test, and delivery of these complex components. These combined capabilities make Honeywell the lowest risk supplier for any radiation hardened electronics equipment in the industry. It also keeps end item systems’ cost low, as there will not be layers of cost and fees associated with any radiation hardened microelectronic components.


NASA Docking mechanism actuators support berthing of US commercial cargo and US commercial crew spacecraft with the International Space Station (ISS) Our products perform capture, lock, separation, and mating of electrical connections between visiting Spacecraft and the ISS. All systems include redundancy features, Space rated motors and materials, and compact designs to achieve high reliability for manned space use.

Vibration Dampening

Our patented technology solves complex vibration problems where structures need to remain structurally stiff in applications where a traditional viscoelastic damper is not sufficient due to complexity or environmental considerations e.g. proximity to heat/cold, chemicals. This technology is unique in that it allows for systems to remain structurally stiff, carrying large dynamic loads as necessary, and still provide up to 40% damping.

  • We use a three-parameter technology that allows stiffness parameters to be independently set from the damping parameters for highly predictable, linear performance.
  • We have developed multiple vibration attenuation systems for Space applications that range from protecting satellites and equipment during launch to isolating delicate instruments from vibration during operation.
  • The first application of this technology was used in the Hubble Telescope. To this day, all 24Vibration attenuation systems continue to function, after more than 25 years in Space operation.

Honeywell has recently started to apply our vibration damping technology into non-spaceapplications, we believe that aerospace, marine and surface platforms will derive significant benefitsfrom this proven technology.