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rocket launch from water
rocket launch from water

Missile Actuation

Honeywell’s missile steering actuation and electronic control systems are the most precise and speed-responsive systems available today.

Our components and systems are typically the solution of choice for tactical, interceptor and other strategic highperformance missiles.


Our Control Actuation Systems and Fin Control Actuation Systems provide directional steering control to move tail fins and canards on tactical missiles and interceptors while operating inside the Earth's atmosphere (endoatmospheric). Among others, these actuation systems are used on Raytheon's Evolved Sea-Sparrow Missile and Lockheed Martin’s Extended Range Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System.


Our Thrust Vector Control Actuation Systems provide steering control to Missiles, Launch Vehicles & Spacecraft by gimbaling rocket engine nozzles to provide directional pitch and yaw control. Our products are used on multiple platforms such as the SR19, IRBM-DSC, Orion Service Module, RS-25, AR-1, SM3, Castor 4B, and eSR19.