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Ship on water
Ship on water

Marine Actuation

Honeywell is committed to providing state-of-the-art marine Electromechanical Actuation solutions to meet customers’ needs in harsh environments, providing marine vessels with a lower-cost alternative to hydraulic Actuation Systems.

Honeywell’s Marine Actuation Solutions use the latest electromechanical technologies to deliver precision load management and motion control solutions for an array of the most challenging actuation applications. Our precision, affordable solutions draw on several decades of experience and various electromechanical surface and submarine applications, as well as aircraft, space and missile platforms. Meeting customers’ needs for tailored solutions in harsh environments is built on this strong heritage.

Permanent Magnet Electromechanical Actuators

Honeywell’s marine electromechanical actuators provide long-life operation for shipboard control of valves performing utility functions in applications requiring up to 50 feet submergence. Unlike traditional systems, these actuators do not require the complex hydraulic or pneumatic infrastructures to operate and eliminates the ongoing issue of hydraulic leaks. Our permanent magnet systems are substantially more resistant to salt water and other contaminants found in harsh marine environments than other electric motors. Additionally, our systems do not suffer from field circuit losses, enabling higher efficiency and high power requirements in a smaller package.

Electromechanical Actuator Cradle Lock System

The Cradle Lock system consists of 48 linear Cradle Lock actuators and two Controllers used for torpedo indexing. Low acoustic levels are achieved by using three-phase sinusoidal current using space vector modulating algorithms.