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Private jet Going to meeting
Private jet Going to meeting

Usage Based Maintenance

What's the use? How Honeywell is rethinking maintenance

Want a maintenance service plan (MSP) that controls costs but recognizes the unique aspects of your business and the way you operate your aircraft? Predictable payments, coupled with the ability to respond to changing market conditions? The opportunity to save on maintenance, without scrimping on care for your aircraft?

Our Usage Based Maintenance Service Plan for planes with our HTF7000 and TFE731 engines provides the best of both worlds. You make regular, fixed payments to control your costs, and we help you save up to 10% of the monthly MSP invoice based on your aircraft operation.

It’s an innovative approach to maintenance that brings real benefits to our business aviation customers:

  • Cost certainty with regular monthly payments
  • Flexibility to save how you operate your aircraft
  • Improving flight behavior to reduce engine wear and tear.

Maximize your savings

To give you a plan that truly reflects your activity we track three key metrics known to have an effect on engine wear. First, we look at flight length, because longer flights cause less wear than lots of smaller ones. Next, we look at the environment you operate and store your aircraft in. Finally, we look at throttle settings, because more time at higher temperatures means additional strain on your engines’ hot section parts.

Turning each of these metrics into a usage score determines the savings you can earn on your monthly invoice, up to a maximum of 10% credit you can apply against future MSP invoices.

Usage based maintenance is a complete solution for those who want controlled, predictable costs, but still want to retain flexibility. It’s a unique new offering in the aviation industry:

  • The first service plan of its kind (patent pending)
  • Data analytics to track flight behaviors
  • Up to 10% of the monthly service plan invoice back
  • Honeywell Forge portal to track usage scores and optimize behavior
  • OEM support with 40 years’ experience in providing service plans
To find out more about our Usage Based Maintenance Service Plan contact our sales team using the form below.