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The DU-875 Upgrade For Learjet 40/45 From JetCity

A Display Designed for You to Meet Mandates

Besides adding additional life to your aircraft and giving you one of the clearest views from your cockpit, the DU-875 also keeps you in compliance by meeting the display requirements required for the FANS 1/A+ mandate. Eliminate downtime and meet the mandates with the DU-875 upgrade available through JetCity.

An Upgrade Path that Fits Your Schedule

JetCity’s DU-875 STC is designed to provide you with the latest technology as soon as it becomes available. Get into an authorized JetCity service center today and start your upgrade while supplies last.

  • DU-875 LCD display upgrade: Available now
  • Primus Elite Advanced Features: Available in Q1 2017

The Clearest View of Everything You Need

Along with the clearest view of the sky, the DU-875 upgrade also includes Honeywell’s Primus Elite Advanced Features, a convenient addition of every map and chart your pilot could ever need. Streamline efficiency, decrease your pilot’s workload and even decrease the weight of your cockpit with JetCity. Stop imagining the airspace in front of you and see it for yourself.

Maps: Charts:
Uplinked Graphical Weather Airport charts
Geo-political Boundaries Standard Instrument Departures (SID)
Graphical representation of the active flight plan Standard Terminal Arrival Route (STAR) Charts
Magnetic heading Approach Charts
Navigation aids (NAVAIDS) Noise Charts
Airways Notice to Airmen (NOTAM)
Airspace Airspace Charts 
Miscellaneous annunciators

Exclusive Offer for JetCity Customers

When you upgrade all four of your display units to the DU-875 and add Primus Elite Advanced Features, you’ll receive one year free on your new or existing Honeywell Avionics Protection Plan (HAPP).