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Reminder: Closure of Swift 64 services on 31 December 2020

Upgrade your Inmarsat Swift 64 and connect to the future today with SwiftbroadBand (SBB) or Ka-Band Services from Honeywell Forge.

If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to upgrade to either SBB or Ka-Band airtime services with Honeywell Forge. This year, Swift 64 will be discontinued, and you’ll need to upgrade to the latest connectivity service package to enjoy seamless cockpit and cabin connectivity.


The upgrade from Swift 64 to SBB continues to support voice and data communication services at data rates of up to 432 kbps per channel. SBB enables the on-board network to handle more simultaneous users and more demanding applications. Data rates for individual users can be increased by using parallel channels and/or data compression and acceleration—as with the Honeywell GoDirect Router. SBB supports both IP and circuit-switched applications, with a choice between contended services and data streaming on demand. Additional capabilities include:

    • Simultaneous voice and broadband data
    • Contended IP data rates up to 432kbps with a high-gain antenna
    • Whole channel streaming with HDR at up to 650 kbps per channel
    • IP data streaming on demand up to 256kbps

JetWave and Ka-Band Airtime

If you are interested in a larger upgrade, you should consider a Ka-band airtime package with a JetWave satellite communications system. JetWave is the hardware that allows you to connect to Inmarsat’s Global Xpress, the fastest broadband available for business aviation. Ka-band is the first consistent high-speed broadband service to span the world. And there is never been a better time to purchase this solution as there is special pricing through the rest of 2020.

Key Features

    • Operates on Inmarsat Aviation’s GX Ka-band network, enabled by four satellites covering the globe (polar regions excepted)
    • Committed information rates provide the industry’s highest data rate guarantee
    • Service offered directly from Honeywell, supplemented by our Honeywell Forge Suite of apps and services
    • Wide variety of service plans provides customers the flexibility to select the plan/price best suited to their needs

Service plan pricing remains constant throughout the contract period, enabling easier annual operating budget management and eliminating financial surprises.