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High-performance Space-qualified accelerometer designed specifically for small, agile satellites. 

The Honeywell HA4934SAT enables unprecedented maneuverability for small, agile satellites. It directly measures small accelerations to provide the data needed to precisely control positioning in orbit so the satellite can avoid space debris, consume less fuel and dock or fly in formation with other satellites.

Building on Honeywell’s decades-long legacy of leadership in space-qualified angular rate-sensor technology, the SAT leverages qualified components used in the HG4934SRS three-Axis Space Rate Sensor. It delivers best-in-class performance in a small, lightweight, low-power and low-cost package ideal for small satellites. The SAT achieves guaranteed TID and SEE radiation performance. 

The SAT uses three MN750 single-axis accelerometers packaged in a common chassis with protective mechanical rubber isolation and a mission processor and signal conditioning and power electronics to deliver best-in-class performance. 

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