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Revitalize Your Aircraft with LASEREF IV

Trade in your aging LASEREF II or III and get $26,250.00 credit towards upgrading to LASEREF IV

Avionics obsolescence is a reality. When a critical system fails or is no longer supported, you need an affordable and easy replacement. At Honeywell, we want to offer customers solutions that do just that while keeping everyone safe and their aircraft where it should be – in the air.

The new LASEREF IV is a simple unit replacement for the LASEREF II and III. Its configuration provides a lighter, more reliabile retrofit  while delivering the lowest cost of ownership for inertial reference systems.

When you upgrade to LASEREF IV you will also benefit from the following:

  • Reduced installation costs and 30% increased accuracy with electronic mounting tray alignment
  • Reduced pilot workload through automatic mode control logic and automatic initialization
  • Reduced crew workload with in-motion inertial alignment and automatic realignment between flights
  • Reduced weight (25 pounds lighter than LASEREF II and 10 pounds lighter than LASEREF III) and operating costs by implementing passive cooling technology.

To promote this retrofit, Honeywell is offering special trade-in pricing now through the end of 2021.

The LASEREF IV upgrade with Pentastar Aviation is the ideal replacement for LASEREF II or LASEREF III inertial reference systems and is suitable for a wide range of business aviation aircraft

Fill in the form below to contact Pentastar Aviation and find out more on how to upgrade to LASEREF IV and revitalize your aircraft.