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Protect your aircraft and ensure airworthiness with Honeywell Maintenance Service Plans (MSP)

Your parked aircraft needs as much care as a flying one


The continuous advancements in aircraft technologies require an increasingly higher degree of attention and care to safeguard and maintain aircraft that are parked for longer timeframes in a way that ensures their long-term reliability and efficiency. From conversations with aviation industry operators, we can say that planes regularly in service require less maintenance work and are more reliable than planes that are less frequently used. When an aircraft is parked for extended periods, the functionality and reliability of its systems are at a higher risk of failure and need higher protection and restoration costs.



Maintenance simplified with Honeywell MSP


Trust Honeywell as your collaborative partner who understands the challenges of maintaining your parked aircraft and keeping it in in-service condition.


With Honeywell Maintenance Service Plan (MSP) you can rest assured about your aircraft's system maintenance, regular inspection and execution of repair procedures, ensuring its airworthiness.


Recovery is around the corner and you'll soon be busy flying full steam again. Therefore, now is the right time to evaluate maintenance programs.



We welcome the opportunity for discussing MSP with you in more detail. Please fill in the form if you would like to download the MSP brochures and be contacted by the sales team about MSP.