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Intuvue RDR-7000 Lightning And Hail Detection

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With the RDR-7000, we’re bringing our industry-leading IntuVue weather radar technology in a lightweight, more powerful and easily retrofitted single line replacement unit to fit more business aircraft platforms.

The key innovative technology incorporated is the radar’s three-dimensional volumetric scanning capability ensures:

  • A Complete View, readily available
  • A Continuous View
  • An Intuitive View
  • An Actionable View
  • A Valuable View

RDR 7000 quick facts:

  • Detects hail and lightning conditions out to 160 NM
  • 3D Volumetric Scanning and Volumetric Memory Buffer
  • First weather radar to detect turbulence out to 60 NM
  • Predicts wind shear out to 5 NM
  • Real-time view of weather from 0 to 60,000 FT, out to 320 NM, and in azimuth ±60° horizontally in front of the aircraft
  • Strategic Weather Detection – Automatic Mode
  • Tactical Weather Analysis Mode
  • Ground clutter extraction based on internal terrain database
  • Certified to the new FAA enhanced turbulence Minimum Operational Performance Standard (MOPS) Reference FAA TSO-C63f and RTCA MOPS DO-220A


For more information you can also visit: IntuVue RDR-7000 Weather Radar System

Operational Benefits For Pilots


  1. With the RDR-7000's fully-automatic operation, pilots' workload is reduced as tilt management  is no longer required. They will be confident that the radar is collecting and displaying a comprehensive picture of the weather.
  2. The continuous Volumetric Scanning process maintains a complete, motion- compensated 3D picture of the weather from very close and out to 320 NM with the radar’s advanced pulse-compression capability. This provides a high level of confidence that all weather of interest will be visible.
  3. With the near-perfect elimination of ground returns using the internal terrain database, and other Doppler techniques, the RDR-7000’s powerful and intuitive horizontal and vertical weather analysis tools significantly improve the quality of weather-related in-flight decisions (basically no GND returns will be confused with weather targets).
  4. Overall, pilots will enjoy improved weather situational awareness with less training than required for a conventional radar, resulting in improved in-flight decision-making. This improved awareness can lead to fewer unnecessary weather deviations, or deviations of smaller magnitude. Perhaps more importantly, this may mean fewer incidents of passenger or crew injury.
  5. Finally, flying with the only weather radar certified to the FAA’s Turbulence Detection MOPS means pilots and passengers can enjoy fewer unexpected bumps and a safer, more comfortable ride.

Voice of our customers


“The RDR-7000 is hands-down better than conventional weather radar systems I’ve flown. It does everything it’s supposed to do, so I think pilots are going to really want this radar. It’s sort of a ‘no-brainer.’”



“It’s mind-boggling to me that the RDR-7000 can paint weather 320 miles out and 60,000 feet up, and even show me if there’s another storm system behind the first cell,” he added. “The system is extremely intuitive and easy to fly because it’s fully automatic, which dramatically reduces pilot workload. The pilot has excellent situational awareness and doesn’t have to worry about manually operating the radar. The RDR-7000 takes the guesswork out of flying near storms that exists with conventional radar, which means I can focus on flying the safest, most comfortable path through rough weather.”

Captain STEVEN SKOOG, PILOT, Dassault Falcon 900EX