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An aerial view of NYC streets with yellow cabs.
An aerial view of NYC streets with yellow cabs.

Improve Mapping Accuracy With Honeywell's Inertial Navigation Systems

Navigate the biggest cities on earth more accurately


Since 1914 when the first autopilot used our gyroscopes to hold the plane stable during flight, Honeywell has delivered more than 500,000 high-performance inertial sensors to navigate and stabilize moving platforms.

Today, our HGuide inertial navigation team of engineers is helping industrial companies by expanding this technology into applications like mobile mapping to provide the same level of accuracy and reliability that customers have relied on for the last century.


We recognize that mobile mapping requires high-performance navigation systems that yield position accuracy within just a couple centimeters and heading accuracy to less than a twentieth of a degree to create highly accurate maps for your customers.

Collecting data can be costly and inefficient in dense, urban areas where GPS/GNSS isn’t available so getting the best navigation accuracy the first time around is critical for scaling mapping operations.


Whether you’re mapping in a cold climate like Moscow, a hot place like Melbourne or in urban areas like Mumbai, New York City or Shanghai, you should trust in your navigation equipment to work every time.

Designed to weather all the elements, our products are rugged and are built to withstand nearly every environment. From cold weather to scorching heat, our HGuide inertial sensors and navigators are made to survive and thrive.

Customer Support

Our HGuide team of applications engineers are here to help optimize your mobile mapping solution. From integration to data collection, our global support team is here to help your team succeed.

Our resources span beyond our team as we also offer aiding resources like software development kits, evaluation kits and our HGuide Data Reader software, which allows you to demo data to your stakeholders easily.

In addition, we work with some of the top LiDAR and camera companies across the globe and have published whitepapers to help our customers see how easy it is integrating our navigation products with their existing payloads.

Think of Honeywell for all your navigation needs.

Please complete the form to speak with a Honeywell inertial sensor and navigation product expert.

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