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Duncan Aviation
Duncan Aviation

Weather Can't Hide

Discover Honeywell’s RDR-7000 weather radar offered by Duncan Aviation

Honeywell’s IntuVue RDR-7000 Weather Radar System gives business aviation pilots the clear and timely information they need to make safer, faster and more informed decisions before flying in bad weather and challenging environments.

Engineered to provide far superior reliability, accuracy and durability than legacy magnetron-based radar systems, the RDR-7000 offers customers the flexibility to remotely enable advanced software features to provide them the clearest view of weather conditions around the routes they’re accustomed to flying. 

The radar is fully automatic and does not require active pilot adjustments of tilt and/or gain for operation, reducing workload in the cockpit. Instead, pilots can focus on flying the most comfortable and safest route through weather.

To learn more about the RDR-7000 and get a quote, please contact Duncan Aviation, a Honeywell authorized Channel Partner with 65 years of experience in business aviation.

The IntuVue RDR-7000 uses 3D volumetric scanning across an extensive detection range to create a complete, real-time view of weather from 0 to 60,000 feet and up to 320nm from the aircraft.

The unique display capability and easy-to-interpret symbology help operators reduce or eliminate weather-related incidents, flight delays or unnecessary route deviations. The IntuVue RDR-7000 can enhance safety and passenger comfort and reduce costs of operation.

This weather radar provides:

  • A complete view
  • A continuous view
  • An intuitive view
  • An actionable view        
  • A valuable view

If you want to learn more about the RDR-7000 and get a quote, please click below and a Duncan Aviation representative will contact you shortly.