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Honeywell mission systems

Mission Systems

Whether you’re an emergency service or business flyer, engaged in Policing, Paramilitary, Search & Rescue, Air Ambulance or Executive Transport operations, our current range of products, Sentinel & Observer will reduce the workload of you, your pilots and crew. With multiple mapping and sensor interface options dependent upon product selected and the support of a global business; Honeywell should be your first stop for a cost-effective mission system for your mission operations.

Observer “Managing your Mission”

Observer is a fully integrated multi-workstation system designed to be used by the airborne tactical commander and crew to provide maximum mission awareness. Observer is an airborne multi-workstation platform designed to deliver a service, be it Search and Rescue, Police Law Enforcement or Medical Evacuation; Observer provides the integration level needed to succeed:

  • Mission Centric Mapping & Sensor Integration
  • Multi-workstation capability for maximum flexibility
  • Multi-sensor support for maximum applicability
  • Global mapping & data tailored to end user role
  • Access to weather, traffic and approach plates

Observer offers compatibility with multiple displays, to deliver a network centric system solution for your operations.

Sentinel “Safety on a Screen”

Honeywell recognizes that helicopter operations are often multi-faceted and place demands on pilot’s that require they have all the pertinent information applicable to the task at hand in an easily assimilated format to maximize safety. Sentinel provides data in a manner that is visual, configurable and accessible. In an environment where operations are conducted in visual flight conditions (VMC) Sentinel is the logical Multi Functional Display (MFD) choice. Sentinel’s flexibility in terms of configuration means that the system is suitable for use in small, medium and large helicopters covering private, industrial, public and military roles.

  • Pilot Centric MFD, Maps, Traffic & Weather
  • Panel Mount Integrated or Remote Options
  • NVG Display & USB/LAN Data Options
  • Vector & Raster Maps plus Relative Terrain

Sentinel delivers mapping, charts, plates, flight plan overlays, traffic and weather in a format that allows the pilot to easily access the information and make intelligent mission decisions to ensure crew safety.


Honeywell offer a series of standard continental mapping packages; it also maintains a full map build & maintenance capability; we hold use of copyright data licenses with several global data providers.

In addition to mapping services, Honeywell provides training, simulation, and a ground station capability that allows the operator to maximize the cost benefits of his system.

Pathfinder "Your Seamless Mission Platform"

Pathfinder, our solution to your tactical mapping needs, we bring all the functionality of Honeywell’s in service proven and certified Sentinel and Observer Software to your mission hardware platform at a fraction of the time and cost of a bespoke solution. With our extensive experience of providing intuitive operating systems and a range of options covering every type of scenario, Pathfinder is the logical choice. Not only do you get a mapping and if required a sensor interface package that works from the first install, you get the technical support of an established team who have extensive knowledge in the field. With scalable resolutions from VGA to HD and code that can be certified to the level required for your application, we can offer a package to suit your display needs and budget.  Couple this with our ability to provide custom mapping packages and you have a one stop shop for your mission needs.

GroundStation "Prepare to Fly"

The GroundStation is designed to allow Observer, Sentinel and Pathfinder users to be able to manage and store mission specific data.  It is designed to act in an upload mode for platform tasking and download mode for post flight review.  It can be installed as a standalone application on any Windows based Desktop or Laptop personal computer.  The GroundStation is designed to be purely a platform for rapid tasking, loading and data review.

Primary features:

  • Single screen editor
  • Load Waypoints &Text
  • Unload Waypoints & Text
  • Add Flight Plans
  • Review Flight Logs
  • Store Data (Text & Images)
  • Reconnoiter Target
  • Load Target
  • Training-aid
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Available Downloads  (2)
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