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Heavy Discount Exchange Programs on Cockpit Display Units for A320, A330, B737, B777, E170 and E190

ATR Display Banner
ATR Display Banner

Heavy Discount Exchange Programs on Cockpit Display Units for A320, A330, B737, B777, E170 and E190

As a part of our on-going commitment to enable safer flights by providing pilots a higher resolution display of critical flight information, Honeywell is pleased to offer attractive exchange programs for our older Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) display units with our next-generation, high-performance and cost-effective display units. 

Exchange program for older Airbus CRT based CDU's and MCDU's: The latest Multi-Function Control and Display Unit (MCDU) is based upon current LCD technology and is an intermixable and interchangeable LRU on your existing Airbus fleet.

Honeywell will continue to repair legacy units while supplies last, however due to obsolete components in these older units there is no guarantee to repair to the original configuration.

The latest replacement products are being offered at a discounted unit exchange price and will come with a new 3-year warranty as well as enhanced brightness, contrast, and reliability.

Boeing 737 Display Electronics Unit (DEU) upgrade: Exchange obsolete DEU-1 (Part # 4081600-930) with DEU-II (Part # 4081600-940) with discounted exchange pricing accompanied by a 4-year warranty. There are 2 ways to take advantage of this exchange program.

  1. Proactive upgrade of one or more aircraft, updating both DEUs to the DEU-II
  2. Inclusion of the promotional exchange terms for the DEU-I part in an existing or new Honeywell Avionics Repair agreement. DEU-I Units received for repair that cannot be repaired will be automatically exchanged with a DEU-II at the negotiated unit exchange price

Boeing 737/777 Display Unit (DU) phase 3A upgrade: Promotional DU Phase 3A upgrade pricing has been extended through 2021. Operators not currently on contract will be quoted special upgrade beyond economical repair (BER) price upon attrition, while operators already on contract will receive current contract upgrade pricing. Honeywell will require exchanged cores for upgrades. New units delivered by Honeywell under either the Exchange or Upgrade options will have a full 3-year new product warranty.

Applicable part numbers: 4091900-941 through -944

EMB 170/190 DU 1080 HW3 proactive upgrade

E170 and E190 operators can now avail cost-effective unit exchange program for older EJET DU-1080 Forward Display Units and MCDU’s. The latest DU-1080 display unit and MCDU are based upon current LCD display technology and are intermixable and interchangeable LRU’s on your EJET fleet. The original EJET display units and MCDU’s are now approaching 20 years old and due to obsolete components in these older units, we have discontinued the repair of the original configuration of Display Units for those customers not currently in a contracted maintenance program for the EJET Displays and MCDUs.

Obsolete Part Numbers 

  • MCDU: 7025725-930 and 7033700-930
  • DU-1080: 7023460-803 and 7037620-813

New Part Numbers 

  • MCDU: A50A000-00-15
  • DU-1080: 7036340-803

Airplane Information Management System (AIMS) Upgrade for Boeing 777

In addition to Cockpit Displays, Boeing and Honeywell recommend that carriers should upgrade from AIMS-1 to AIMS-2. Operators utilizing AIMS-1 should be aware that future AIMS-1 software is not being developed. AIMS-1 BPv16, released in early 2014, was the final upgrade.

Technology advancements and the AIMS future roadmap is focused on AIMS2 with BP17B and beyond.

Act now minimize risk to operational disruption: The Lead time for delivery of AIM-2 ~ 6 months and operators should plan retrofit during C check. Boeing estimates the AIMS-2 retrofit will require 168 man-hours and approximately 4 days of airplane down-time.