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Greater Longevity and Reduced Unscheduled Removals with Honeywell Temperature Control Valve Upgrade for B737NG

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Operators have been experiencing unscheduled removals attributed to motor faults on the Temperature Control Valve (TCV) 398908-3 and 398908-5, with the rotary electro-mechanical actuator, PN 2740028-2. Honeywell investigations identified leakage around butterfly seal rings in the valve body and potential issues with switches and capacitors on this actuator causing the motor faults.

The new TCV upgrade includes a full valve overhaul (zero time). Replacing the actuator with the upgraded capacitor, bearings, seals and wiring improvements helps reduce delays and cancellations due to intermittent faults.


·      Improved reliability, reduced unscheduled events and increased service intervals on a zero-time unit

·      New -6 motor that is directly hardwired

·      Improved electrical retainer design