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Extending the Value Beyond Repair and Overhaul

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) is one of the key areas that an airline can significantly influence to improve dispatch reliability and create a more pleasant flying experience for its customers.

MRO is a complex process and needs industry-standard, robust processes, vast experience, state-of-the-art global facilities and more.

Honeywell provides airlines today with MRO services that propel them into the future, helping them compete successfully in a fiercely challenging industry – making us the partner of choice for many global airlines.



We are a collaborative partner to the world’s leading airlines and have capabilities in managing large, complex maintenance programs successfully – resulting in optimized aircraft performance. Our growing customer base is a testament to our commitment to helping airlines: 

  • Increase the lifespan of Honeywell aircraft components and reduce airline operating costs (Read more in this media release by Emirates)
  • Enhance maintenance scheduling program, support commitment to deliver a timely, reliable, efficient and comfortable service for passengers (Read more in this media release by Saudi Arabian Airlines
  • Maximize operational efficiency to maintain excellent performance record, while providing cost savings that can be passed onto passengers by way of lower fares (Read more in this media release by FlyDubai)
  • Reduce aircraft downtime while keeping an eye on costs (Read more in this media release by Ethiopian Airlines)
  • Plan maintenance budgets better with Honeywell’s pay-as-you-go model for increased flexibility and cost savings, under the APU Maintenance Service Plan (Read more in this media release by Wizz Air)
  • Manage the overall cost for APU maintenance, with our predictive maintenance solution that enables airlines to project their annual expenditures and increase the efficiency of their fleet (Read more in this media release by Cathay Pacific)


Honeywell focuses on delivering a cost-efficient means to maintain assets optimally and ensure high-dispatch availability. With applications like Predictive Trend Monitoring and Diagnostics (PTMD) and services like Honeywell Forge Connected Maintenance, we help airlines reduce costly and disruptive maintenance, aircraft unavailability and flight cancellations, mitigating the impact of delays. Honeywell Forge Connected Maintenance program delivers actionable recommendations with clear next steps before the failure occurs, helping airlines to manage unscheduled maintenance and provide a better experience for passengers.


Honeywell maintenance agreements are completely transparent, with clearly-defined work scope, commercial terms, inclusions, exclusions and timelines, so that there are no surprises throughout the contract period.


  • The fact that OEMs are inflexible and lock airlines into expensive full-service contracts doesn’t apply to Honeywell. We offer a range of options that are flexible, customizable and selectable, enabling airlines to choose the level of coverage that is right for them, across a wide range of service capabilities. Whether it’s just one area of coverage, a combination of them, or full coverage, our programs offer the flexibility and financial predictability customers need.
  • Get peace of mind and reduce administrative hassles with having just Honeywell as your MRO partner for APU, Mechanical Components, Avionics, ECS and more.
  • We are unmatched in dedicated support teams, highly-proficient human capital, robust and mature processes, world-wide facilities, global logistics networks, product bank and state-of-the-art infrastructure.


We keep our industry-leading edge by drawing from decades of expertise of designing and developing aircraft engines, APUs, cockpit and cabin electronics – mechanical components that are found on virtually every commercial, defense and space aircraft. We have shipped more than 100,000 APUs, every 5 seconds an airliner with a Honeywell Wheels & Braking system lands somewhere in the world, our navigation solutions are on 90% of commercial air transport – that’s the level of Honeywell’s involvement in your aircraft’s design from the beginning.

We utilize our domain expertise and product knowledge in maintaining and servicing the components that we have developed. As an OEM, we can guarantee you reliability increases and provide service bulletin work free of charge. We never use PEM/DER parts and service the components at OEM standards, leading to higher reliability and increased product lifecycle.


We are constantly raising the bar and competing with ourselves to achieve excellence when it comes to proving best-in-class MRO services. We are investing in R&D and fostering hospitable environments for innovation so that we always keep our customers ahead of competitors. We are striving to transform the maintenance and repair service with value-plus offerings including Diagnostics, Predictive Analytics and Connected Maintenance, Maintenance Apps, Service Plans and more.