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DU-1310-2 Cockpit Display Upgrade

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Honeywell’s DU-1310 cockpit display unit for Primus Epic equipped platforms enables safer flight by providing pilots a higher resolution display of critical flight information.

Honeywell is now offering model DU-1310-2 to resolve and address obsolescence issues.

The DU-1310 cockpit display unit provides business aviation operators equipped with the Primus Epic platform a high-resolution primary or multifunction liquid crystal display (LCD) for enhanced situational awareness. These LCDs maximize the viewable area for weather, charts, traffic and terrain options information and increase interactivity in the cockpit, so pilots can fly the aircraft safer and more efficiently.


  • Gulfstream: G350, G450, G550, G500 Classics, G650, C-37B
  • Dassault: F2000DX, F2000 EX Easy, F2000LX, F2000S, F2000LXS, F7X, F900EX Easy, F900DX, F900LX