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2020 Mandates: Get Compliant With Honeywell

Plane over control tower
Plane over control tower

2020 Mandates: Get Compliant With Honeywell

There are many recent and upcoming aviation mandates that require compliance. These mandates are designed to make the skies safer and flights more efficient, so it’s important to begin your upgrades as soon as possible to:

  • Ensure that you don’t get grounded
  • Avoid scheduling gridlock and higher costs
  • Get the right equipment on time
  • Leave time for thorough planning, evaluation and approval
  • Take advantage of the competitive and performance benefits of compliance today

Airlines, Transport and Regional Aircraft Operators must comply with ADS-B Out (DO-260B) and FANS 1/A Controller Pilot Data Link Communications Mandates by 2020.

Honeywell’s Air Transport Solutions for DO-260B

  • TRA-100B Transponder: The TRA-100B has been specifically designed to meet the upcoming global ADS-B mandate – and future engineered with growth capacity through software upgrades should future mandates arise.
    The TRA-100B meets the latest environmental qualification standards and will ultimately, through enhanced airspace management and efficiency, deliver reductions in flight delays and fuel consumption.
  • Integrated Multi-Mode Receiver (IMMR) GPS Solution: The IMMR is designed for both forward and retrofit of multi-mode receiver (MMR) installations. It is backward compatible to existing MMR installations while also containing optional integrated VOR and marker beacon capability.
    The IMMR meets the latest 3rd generation GPS standards for accuracy and error/uncertainty reporting and supports advanced capability for both satellite and ground-based augmentation systems (SBAS, GBAS) to support precision approaches.

Honeywell’s Air Transport Solutions Protected Mode – Controller Pilot Data Link Communication (PM-CPDLC)

  • Mark II+ Communication Management Unit (CMU: Mark II+ CMU enables data and messaging transfers between airborne and ground-based systems. It provides the most comprehensive and flexible Airline Operational Communication (AOC) functionality, meeting all current and future proposed datalink recording requirements.
  • VHF Data Link (VDL) Mode 2 Radios: The latest upgrade to the VHF data link communications has been the addition of Mode 2 data, or VDL Mode 2 capability. VDL Mode 2 enables transitioning from an infrastructure that relies on character-oriented ACARS protocols for end-to-end delivery of messages to one that uses bit-oriented Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (ATN) protocols using the same VHF ground and aircraft radios.
  • Cockpit voice recorder: Honeywell’s lightweight cockpit voice recorders (CVR) utilize a modular Crash-Survivable Memory Unit (CSMU) to protect the solid-state voice recording memory. In a crash, the CSMU retains the most recent two hours of audio, digital and timing information that enables post-incident analysis by regulators and safety investigators.
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