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Distributed Heavy Duty Engine Controls

Customizable Thermal Switches

Customizable Thermal Switches

Ideal for distributed heavy-duty engine controls in large diesel or internal combustion engines.

HTMOS products are ideal for distributed heavy-duty engine controls in large diesel or internal combustion engines. Specific applications include cylinder pressure transducer output amplifiers and bus communication electronics, exhaust gas recovery (EGR) valve control electronics and engine control unit (ECU) control electronics that have to operate in environments above 150°C. Honeywell's operational amplifier, switch, mux (multiplexer) and high temperature analog-to-digital converter (HTADC12) create an ideal "core" sensor signal amplification and digitization product set for many applications.

The 160,000 gate HT2000 digital gate array coupled with the reliable analog data conversion of the HTADC12 and the guaranteed data retention of the HT6256 static random access memory make them critical components in new EGR or ECU designs.

The HTADC12 and high temperature positive linear regulator (HTPLREG) provides a solid voltage regulator function to step down typical battery voltages to +5 volts.

Die level products are available for direct mounting into Honeywell or customer-designed hybrids. Our die level HTMOS products enable new distributed engine controls that must continuously operate for up to 80,000 hours at temperature.