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3-Axis Magnetometer

Magnetic sensing solutions designed for accuracy, sensitivity and reliable measurements of external magnetic fields for compassing and magnetometry.

HMC2003 magnetic hybrid is a three-axis magnetometer with analog output in a 20-pin hybrid dual in-line (DIP) package. This device uses the HMC1001 and HMC1002 magnetic sensors and precision instrumentation grade amplifiers. Field range is +/-2 gauss with a resolution of 40 microgauss.

HMR2300 smart digital magnetometer is a three-axis smart digital magnetometer that detects the strength and direction of a magnetic field and communicates the x, y and z components directly to a computer via RS232/485. Field range is +/- 2 gauss with a resolution of 67 microgauss.

Please inquire about our 3-axis magnetometers for space applications.

Datasheets (2)
Datasheet: 3-Axis Magnetic Sensor Hybrid HMC2003
Datasheet: Smart Digital Magnetometer HMR2300
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FAQ: Magnetic Sensors, Compasses and Megnetometers
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Application Note: Compass Heading Using Magnetometers AN-203
Application Note: Vehicle Detection Using AMR Sensors: AN-218
Application Note: A New Perspective on Magnetic Field Sensing
Technical Papers (3)
Technical Article: Applications of Magnetic Sensors for Low Cost Compass Systems
Technical Article: Applications of Magnetoresistive Sensors in Navigation Systems
Technical Article: Compass Assisted GPS for LBS Application

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