131-9A APU HIGH EFFICIENCY MODE (HEM) Airbus narrow-body operators flying with 131-9A APU can save up to $11,000 in annual fuel costs and improve on-wing-time by as much as 17% with the new HEM upgrade. Learn more

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Engine Bleed System Valves

Engine Bleed System Valves

Engine Bleed System Valves

Honeywell’s engine bleed system valves facilitate precondition air temperature, pressure and quality coming into the aircraft's air conditioning system.

Our lightweight and highly-efficient air management solutions monitor and control cabin temperature and air flow in the cockpit, passenger, and cargo areas to also provide secondary cooling for avionics simultaneously. These solutions also manage the aircraft's engine bleed air and provide ice protection for flight control surfaces.

We are a pioneer in bleed air energy conservation, foil air bearing technology for cooling turbines; lightweight materials and design concepts for heat exchangers; and package design techniques for installation.

Honeywell’s engine bleed system valves provide:

  • Proven air and thermal system design and development capability
  • Innovative technologies that increase system efficiency and performance
  • Solutions designed to reduce operating costs and improve reliability
  • Comprehensive offering of integrated and federated systems in electric and electro-pneumatic configurations
  • Leading developer and integrator of More Electric Aircraft Environmental Control System architectures
  • Global repair service, logistics and customer support network