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Honeywell UV Treatment Wand

Honeywell UV Treatment Wand

Honeywell UV Treatment Wand

A lightweight, versatile ultraviolet-c (UVC) hand wand with portable battery and carrying case designed to reduce various viruses and bacteria on high-touch surfaces anywhere.

The Honeywell UV Treatment Wand is a battery-powered ultraviolet-c (UVC) hand wand that, when properly applied, can reduce certain viruses and bacteria on targeted surfaces. With a lightweight battery and carrying case, it can go anywhere a person can go. 

While our cart-based UV Treatment System is specifically designed for larger transportation systems like airlines, the Honeywell UV Treatment Wand is ideal for smaller, hard-to-reach spaces like business aircraft, vehicles, buildings or high-touch surfaces anywhere. Weighing about 15 pounds, the UV Treatment Wand can be employed either as a backpack or pull-behind case, offering operators unmatched versatility and efficiency. Unlike 222nm excimer systems that require more time or closer proximity to achieve the same dose, our 254nm UVC wand can treat more area in less time at a fraction of the price.

In clinical studies, UVC technology has been found to significantly reduce various bacteria and viruses on targeted surfaces at prescribed dosages. Recently, 254nm UVC has been found in limited clinical testing to be capable of inactivating SARS-CoV-2 (the virus which causes COVID-19) at certain doses.*

The Honeywell UV Treatment Wand is part of a complete suite of products aimed at helping operators enhance their cleaning and safety protocols. Minimize downtime, reduce cost of ownership and help inspire confidence with the Honeywell UV Treatment Wand.

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*As published in two 2020 studies conducted in the United States and Italy.  Testing was performed in clinical environments and results in aircraft or other environments have not been tested.

This product has not been tested specifically as to protection against COVID-19. As with all of our products and services, Honeywell will adhere to its commitment to integrity and compliance within its global supply chain; meet relevant legal, scientific and industry standards; substantiate claims; and obtain necessary regulatory approvals as products progress through the development process.

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Downloads (4)
Honeywell UV Treatment Wand
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