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Honeywell Offers New Flight Management System Guided Visuals For More Stabilized Approaches

Honeywell Offers New Flight Management System Guided Visuals For More Stabilized Approaches

  • Flight Management System Guided Visual procedures will be offered as a stand-alone option in Honeywell’s Navigation database subscription service

Las Vegas, Oct. 17, 2023 – Honeywell (NASDAQ: HON) announced today it is expanding its premium Navigation database subscription service to offer Flight Management System Guided Visual procedures as a stand-alone option. FMS Guided Visual procedures were initially offered only as part of the broader Required Navigation Performance – Authorization Required (RNP-AR) Navigation database subscription.

Visual approaches are commonplace at most airports on good-weather days and require a pilot to visually maneuver the aircraft to the runway while maintaining separation from traffic and terrain. However, in a challenging environment, a visual approach can create the possibility of unstable approaches. Honeywell’s Flight Management System (FMS) Guided Visual procedures provide lateral and vertical guidance, designed to create more consistent, stable approach paths.

“Honeywell’s FMS Guided Visual procedures can help reduce pilot workload, enable a more comfortable experience for passengers, and more importantly, help reduce the likelihood of an unstable approach,” said Karen Miller, general manager, Connected Aerospace, Honeywell. “Be aware that failure to maintain a stabilized approach often results in a landing that is too fast or too far down the runway, increasing the potential for a runway excursion or loss of control.”

“This is a big step forward for safer flight operations with FMS-driven Lateral Navigation/Vertical Navigation (LNAV/VNAV) procedures that greatly enhance the safety margins. Kudos to Honeywell,” said Nat Iyengar, captain – VPCOR, FDM Analyst, Jet Aviation Business Jets (Hong Kong).

For more information about Honeywell’s FMS Guided Visual (FGV) procedures, download the brochure.


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