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UV Cabin Light System
UV Cabin Light System

Cleaner Air Travel: UV Cabin Light System

Aerospace Unplugged Podcast Show Notes

Brian Wenig is the Vice President and General Manager for Wheels and Brakes. With over 27 years of experience working for Honeywell, Brian has supported several different roles and functions, including engineering, customer product support management, and, most recently, with the wheels and braking business.

In this episode, Brian talks about the changes the industry has seen concerning COVID-19 and how specifically his role has shifted to work a special project around aircraft hygiene.

With a behind the scenes look, you’ll learn:

  • How Honeywell is backing an effort to return airlines and passengers to traveling
  • How Honeywell’s UV Cabin Light System operates 
  • What airlines are saying about passenger trust and returning to flight

For more information on efforts surrounding cleaner air travel including the offerings mentioned on this podcast and more, visit us here: Cleaner Air Travel


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