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Asteroids, Satellites, and Things Debris Orbiting
Asteroids, Satellites, and Things Debris Orbiting

Asteroids, Satellites, and All Things Space Debris

In this episode, Adam examines the world of space debris. He will define what constitutes space junk, everything from decommissioned satellites to fragments from disintegration, remnants of human space activities orbiting our planet.

This episode will take listeners on a journey back in time, tracing the origins of space debris to the dawn of the space age, and discusses how the problem has exponentially escalated over time.

Adam will host Craig Molford, Sr. Director of Offering Management at Honeywell Aerospace, and Andrew Faiola, Commercial Director at Astroscale. They will discuss the complex dynamics of satellite launches, their operational lifespan, and the procedures followed once they reach their end-of-life. They also bring to light the measures currently being taken to address the burgeoning issue of space debris.



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