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Wing of an airplane flying above the sunriseclouds and flare effect
Wing of an airplane flying above the sunriseclouds and flare effect

Sustainable Skies: The Future of Aviation

On this episode of Aerospace Unplugged, we'll dive into sustainability in aviation. The industry is all in, but there's also a lot of work to do. Our special guest is aerospace industry veteran and President and CEO of Honeywell Aerospace Technologies, Jim Currier. With nearly two decades of experience at Honeywell holding a wide range of positions, he's no stranger to leading teams that solve complex problems and develop revolutionary solutions for aviation. We'll talk about what Honeywell is doing right now to help the industry become more sustainable, discuss some recent achievements, and get his perspective on what's needed to shrink flying's environmental footprint and make carbon-neutral air travel a reality.

Want to dive deeper? Read our Flight Plan for a Net Zero Future white paper to learn more about aviation’s sustainable future and the progress to date.


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