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Primus Elite Advanced Features (PEAF)

Honeywell Primus Elite Advanced Features (PEAF)

Pilots want information fast. While a Pilot’s Guide is a valuable reference tool, it is not the fastest or easiest way to learn the functionality of a new product.

The Honeywell Primus Elite Advanced Features (PEAF) Interactive Tool provides a simple, visual-based learning environment to help pilots quickly familiarize themselves with some of today’s modern cockpits. While modern cockpits look a lot cleaner than older, traditional cockpits, they actually contain much more information such as a Primary Flight Display (PFD), Synthetic Vision System (SVS), Multifunction Display (MFD), and other cockpit components of the Primus Elite display upgrade. The tool, which can be accessed on computers, tablets, or smartphones, lets pilots quickly familiarize themselves with modern flight decks through an intuitive, interactive, and visual interface.

Lear 45 Cockpit Primus Elite
Lear 45 Cockpit Primus Elite

Primus Epic Advanced Features Flight Deck

High-Level Interactive Tool

Many pilots would agree that the best way to learn about new cockpit components is to gain practical experience using it while flying with an experienced pilot such as a check pilot. In the past, pilots learned by reading manuals, watching videos, and participating in interactive training. The PEAF Tool, designed by experienced pilots, combines all these approaches into one simple-to-use app.


Visual Learning

The PEAF Tool’s visual approach to learning makes it much easier to become familiar with the system. Users can simply tap on items on their screens to learn about different features. There are also links to videos showing the system in operation. If a pilot wants to dig even deeper, there are links to applicable information in the Pilot’s Guide.


Modern Approach to Learning

The traditional method of looking for information in a manual is very inefficient. What if a user wants to identify a specific object displayed on the PFD, but doesn’t know what the object is called? With the PEAF tool, you simply tap or click on the object to get a definition and high-level overview. If you want more information, simply tap or click on the video or Pilot’s Guide buttons to drill down deeper. It’s an intuitive, visual, and simple way to learn. This layered approach is contoured to the user’s preferred learning style, utilizing a modern approach to learning by bridging the gap between paper manuals and modern technology.


PEAF Interactive Tool Features

Each screen in the Tool includes an Information button to display helpful definitions and links.

In addition, a vertical menu provides links to the Pilot’s Guide, videos, a Home button, and more.

Tapping on various objects displays audio links and captions that define each object. Links to specific Pilot Guide entries are also included, as well as relevant videos when available.

Synthetic Vision System

Provides a synthetic 3-dimensional view of surrounding terrain, obstacles, and runways, in addition to standard flight and navigation data.

(Click the PDF for more info.)

PEAF Tool Caption Example

Everyone’s learning style is different. The PEAF Interactive Tool makes the learning environment comfortable for all users, regardless of the learning style they choose.

Soon, you will be able to access the PEAF interactive learning module by navigating to the Honeywell Pilot Gateway.  The learning module will be found in the Virtual Classroom and applicable aircraft models:

  • Bombardier / Global Express / Software Version 6.1 / Familiarization Tool folder.
  • Bombardier / Lear 40/45 / Software Version 6.1 / Familiarization Tool folder.
  • Cessna / Citation X / Software Version 6.1 / Familiarization Tool folder.
  • Dassault / Falcon 900C/EX / Software Version 6.1 / Familiarization Tool folder.
  • Dornier / 328 Turboprop / Software Version 6.2 and Later / Familiarization Tool folder.
  • Embraer / Legacy 600/650 / Software Version 6.1 / Familiarization Tool folder.


The Pilot Gateway is free to use but you must have a login.  If you already have access to the Honeywell Aerospace Portal, you can simply use that account to access the Pilot Gateway. 

However, if you don’t have an account to the Honeywell Aerospace Portal, you can create a new account for the Pilot Gateway by selecting ‘Create an Account’.


Jeff Kucharski, Program Manager Flight Technical Services, leads the Honeywell Pilot Gateway, Pilot Guide authoring and editing, and technical content on the Honeywell Aerospace YouTube Channel. He can be reached via email at

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