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RNP Corner

  • FMS Guided Visual Guidance for KTEB ILS 6 Circle to RWY 1 

New York city is often referred to as the melting pot of America because of its massive diversity. Unfortunately, massive diversity also describes the aviation environment, with some of the busiest airports in the country, and a mix of air transport, business and general aviation traffic.

Teterboro (KTEB) airport, twelve miles from downtown Manhattan, is a reliever airport that provides access for business aircraft to the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area. While convenient for passengers, it’s not always easy for flight crews to get in or out of Teterboro.

Based on customer input, Honeywell developed FMS lateral and vertical guidance that overlays the KTEB ILS RWY 6 circle to land runway 1, with the circling maneuver starting at TORBY. This procedure was included in Honeywell’s RNP databases in cycle 2301, effective Jan 26. Operators can load the RNAV-V RWY 1 procedure from the FMS navigation database and fly the entire circle to land procedure with precise lateral and vertical guidance coupled to the autopilot in VGP mode. Current subscribers to the RNP database will receive the new chart. To subscribe, contact Honeywell Flight Technical Services at FTS@Honeywell.com.

The FMS guidance, like the ILS approach, begins at the VINGS IAF with the circle to land portion commencing at the TORBY LOM. From there, the use of RF legs guide you on a 3.4-degree path (coincident with the VASI) to the runway. In the event a missed approach is needed, the published ILS 6 missed approach procedure is available (see figure below).

Recently Honeywell increased the value of being an RNP customer by developing several new low RNP AR procedures like those for Aspen and Eagle, providing lower minimums and increased access. New FMS guidance like the KTEB RNAV-V RWY 1 provide additional value at no additional cost. Next up: FMS guidance for other airports that require circling maneuvers to certain runways, including KPWK, KTRM, and KVNY.

Please contact Honeywell if you are interested in becoming an RNP AR customer, or if you have ideas for additional visual approach procedures. 


Program Pilot Stephen Hammack supports Honeywell Apex and radar for Flight Technical Services. He can be reached via email at stephen.hammack@Honeywell.com.