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FANS Datalink Update

FANS Datalink Update

Performance Based Communication and Surveillance Monitoring

Performance Based Communication and Surveillance (PBCS) provides a framework to ensure acceptable levels of communication and surveillance capabilities for FANS datalink using Required Communication Performance (RCP) and Required Surveillance Performance (RSP) specifications. This framework allows for optimization of available airspace and helps to identify and mitigate safety risks.

Figure 1. Honeywell Testbed Aircraft

PBCS standards have been implemented in some of the most crowded oceanic airspace across the globe. In the North Atlantic, PBCS is required on certain designated tracks, going through Shanwick (EGGX), Reykjavik (BIRD), Gander (CZQX), and New York Oceanic (KZNY) oceanic airspace. In the Pacific, the use of PBCS is also in effect in Oakland Oceanic (KZAK), Anchorage Oceanic (PAZN), Fukuoka and (RJJJ) Tahiti (NTTT) airspace. 

Figure 2. Air Traffic Control Tracks

To assist our customers in complying with PBCS requirements, Honeywell Forge Datalink subscribers can access PBCS monitoring by logging into the Honeywell Forge Dashboard. Select the aircraft, click on “Analytics” tab, scroll down to Datalink Widget, then click on “PBCS” tab.

Figure 3. Select the Aircraft Tab, then Analytics

Figure 4. Select the PBCS Tab

Customers can view and download their PBCS reports after every flight. The system will alert operators shortly after landing if performance standards were not met and subscribers will be able to view exactly where an exceedance took place and sort data in various ways to predict trends and determine specific issues. Identifying and resolving issues will allow our customers to improve their performance and comply with PBCS requirements.

Click on “Download” icon to download the report for all flights. Or Click on Download Report in a row to download the PBCS Report for a particular flight.

Figure 5. Select Download to download the report for all flights

Figure 6. Example Monitoring Report

Customers can access their data after each flight so they can recognize and correct any issues using FANS datalink.

In conjunction with PBCS, customers can also monitor their datalink logs and messages, using the Datalink “Widget”. Including their datalink text messages both uplinks and downlinks. 

Figure 7. Monitoring Datalink Messages

Figure 8. Monitoring Text Messages

This feature should help customers proactively monitor and track any possible issues which would impact their ability to comply with PBCS requirements.


How is Surveillance Performance calculated?

Surveillance Performance is green only when 95% of the ADS-C message transactions are completed in 90 seconds, and 99.9% of the ADS-C message transactions are completed in 180 seconds.

How is Communication Performance calculated?

Communication Performance is green only when 95% of the CPDLC message transactions are completed in 180 seconds and 99.9% of the CPDLC message transactions are completed in 210 seconds.

Can I see In-progress flights under PBCS?

 No. Only completed flights will appear under PBCS tab for the last 30 days.

Do you consider all Aircraft PBCS messages in the Report?

Currently, Communication Performance is calculated only by using PBCS messages coming from SITA. We are not receiving CPDLC Communication messages from ARINC, but we anticipate this will happen in the near future.

I received a Non-compliant message- What does that mean?

If any of the PBCS messages are not meeting the PBCS benchmark, it is treated as non-compliant, and you will receive the message.

I am not seeing one of my flights under PBCS tab?

Please check to make sure the flight is logged on to ATC for FANS/CPDLC communication.

Honeywell Forge has a team of dedicated professionals who can assist our Honeywell Forge Subscribers with any questions or concerns they may have regarding the PBCS Monitoring features on the Forge Dashboard. Please feel free to contact us at