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Quick Topic Video - Understanding Latitude and Longitude Entries on Honeywell FMS

Quick Topic Video - Understanding Latitude and Longitude Entries on Honeywell FMS

Lat/Long entries in the FMS explained

Latitude and longitude entries can be confusing due to the infrequency of use and the complexity of the character string used for the input format. ARINC 424 shorthand has simplified lat/long entries by reducing the number of characters required for entry but there is confusion around both methods. This video will explain entry formats for both conventional entries as well as ARINC shorthand. It will also explain some of the inconsistencies behind lat/long formats used in aviation and some of the common errors operators make during entry. After watching this video, you will understand the various formats used in describing lat/long coordinates, how to enter a full lat/long string in the FMS, and the differences between a full lat/long and ARINC shorthand, including half degree waypoints.

This Quick Topic video has been put together to give the flight crew confidence interpreting lat/long formats, entering them correctly, and reducing the likelihood of gross navigational errors.

For additional information on Honeywell tips and tricks, visit the free Virtual Classroom on the Honeywell Pilot Gateway.


Program Pilot David Rogers supports NZ, EPIC, and NG FMS for Honeywell Flight Technical Services. He can be reached via email at David.Rogers@Honeywell.com.