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Honeywell Pilot Gateway Changes

Honeywell Pilot Gateway Changes

The Pilot Gateway Site is Moving

Honeywell is moving its Pilot Gateway website to a new platform in the next couple months.  What exactly does that mean for you, our customers? Well, not much actually. While the aesthetics may change a bit, the same information will appear in a similar format. Let’s outline exactly what will and will not change.

What Will Not Change

  • The web address: the Pilot Gateway address will remain pilots.honeywell.com.
  • Free and easy access to avionics familiarization documents and videos
  • Access to Service Information Letters (SILs) that are important to pilots
  • The MyHangar function which allows you to bookmark the page for your specific aircraft
  • The Notification function which allows you to set up email notifications when a publication for your aircraft is issued or revised
  • Access to past and present newsletter articles, Honeywell-sponsored events, and links to other Honeywell products and services

What Will Change

  • Incorporation of the Pilot Gateway into Aerospace.Honeywell.com site. As such, the “look and feel’ of the Pilot Gateway will closely match that of the main Honeywell Aerospace website.
  • Menus and site navigation will change to look like that of the Honeywell Aerospace site.  Changes will be minimal and navigating in the new environment will be intuitive.

The exact date of the migration to the new platform has not been determined, however expect the move by Q3 of 2021. The impact to our customers will be minimal to none. As always, if there is anything we can do to support you better through the Pilot Gateway please shoot us a note at FTS@Honeywell.com


Jim Johnson is Sr Manager Flight Technical Services and can be reached at James.Johnson2@Honeywell.com.