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Honeywell Pilot Gateway Puts Info at Your Fingertips

Honeywell Pilot Gateway Puts Info at Your Fingertips

Need information about the Honeywell products and services on your aircraft? Look no further than your laptop, smartphone or tablet. That’s where you’ll find all the answers you need with the Honeywell Pilot Gateway, an app developed with business and general aviation pilots in mind.

“The idea behind the Honeywell Pilot Gateway originally came from pilots on the Global Customer Committee,” said Ryan Milmoe, Honeywell Program Pilot. “They wanted an easier, faster, more direct way to access technical publications, pilot’s guides and other resources to help them use the full potential of the avionics and flight management systems on their aircraft. It also offers another convenient way to contact Honeywell if they have questions or technical issues to report.”

In the seven years since its introduction, the Honeywell Pilot Gateway has delivered all that and more to the thousands of pilots who have downloaded the free app to their iOS or Android device. The app provides instant access to relevant technical publications, videos, service information letters (SILs), monthly Direct-To newsletters and much more, according to Milmoe.

All the info you need, none you don’t

“The operative word is ‘relevant,’” he said. “We have sorted through the many thousands of resources stored in our technical library and extracted the ones pilots really care about. Then we organized that information by aircraft make, model, system and FMS software version to make it easier and faster for pilots to find information on their particular aircraft and configuration.”

“That’s really the secret behind the success of the app,” Milmoe added. “Pilots like having the ability to filter on their specific aircraft, equipment and software load – it takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out if a particular Service Information Letter or pilots’ guide applies to them.”

Once you’ve identified your aircraft on the intuitive home page, it’s added to your personal “hangar” so you can go directly to your information whenever you sign into the Pilot Gateway. You can choose to be notified by email when alerts or updates on your aircraft become available and you can use your hangar to “park” an asset – like a webinar, video or presentation – for future reference.

Your direct line to Honeywell

Many users check the app regularly to make sure they have access to the most current information. It’s also a valuable tool if you’re transitioning to new aircraft, going through annual recurring training or using the FMS after a software update.  

The Honeywell Pilot Gateway app also gives you a direct line to contact Honeywell if you have feedback, a general question or a technical issue to report. “Pilots can use the app 24/7 to contact a Honeywell technical pilot or other expert in our Aero Tech Support team,” Milmoe said. “They can either call us directly or complete a simple form so we can follow up on their question or comment. They can even attach a photo to show us the problem they’re experiencing.”

“The Pilot Gateway has been instrumental in helping us open up lines of communication between Honeywell and the professional pilots who use our products and services in the field every day,” he added.