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Updated Avionics Cleaning Guidance

Service Information Letter (SIL) Briefing

Updated Avionics Cleaning Guidance (SIL D202004000758)

Earlier this year we ran an article outlining the latest avionics cleaning guidance contained in the Alternate Cleaning Solution Usage in Flight Deck SIL (D202004000758). This SIL calls out specific cleaning solutions and methods and whether they are approved for use on Honeywell avionics.

With the increased frequency in aircraft cleaning, our readers found great peace of mind in learning that their avionics were not being damaged in their efforts to keep passengers and crew safe when using the approved solutions and methods outlined in the SIL.

The SIL D202004000758 – Alternate Cleaning Solution Usage in Flight Deck has now been revised to include the approval of UV-C 254 nm wavelength light for use as a cleaning/sanitizing method in flight decks with Honeywell avionics.  Operators can now safely add this method to their arsenal for reducing certain viruses and bacteria on Honeywell avionics surfaces. Please be sure to read the SIL in its entirety, especially the “assumptions for the analysis” section, prior to using UV-C or other methods.

SIL Excerpt

Program Pilot Ryan Milmoe supports Embraer and Dassault EASy for Honeywell Flight Technical Services. He can be reached via email at Ryan.Milmoe@Honeywell.com