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SIL Briefing

Avionics Cleaning Guidance - SIL D202004000758

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many customers have asked about the compatibility of various cleaning solutions with Honeywell flight deck products. In response, Service Information Letter (SIL) D202004000758 – Alternate Cleaning Solution Usage in Flight Deck, has been issued. The SIL is being updated frequently as more cleaning solutions are analyzed or tested. Currently, revision 2 is published at the time of this article.

A sample of materials used in Honeywell flight deck products were analyzed and/or tested to determine which ones may be negatively affected by cleaning solutions recommended by the WHO/CDC/EPA/EASA, etc., for COVID-19 disinfection. SIL D202004000758 documents the results. Table 1 lists cleaning solutions that Honeywell does NOT recommend due to material/paint degradation. Table 2 lists cleaning solutions that Honeywell has determined are acceptable for disinfection purposes.

Note: Honeywell makes no claim of the effectiveness of these solutions for disinfecting equipment. The SIL only addresses whether the chemical composition of the solution will have a negative impact to the Honeywell product. Refer to OEM guidance to determine the best cleaning solution for your aircraft.

Table 1. Non-Approved Cleaning Solution Compatibility
Table 2. Approved Cleaning Solution Compatibility

Lastly, SIL D202004000758 provides recommended actions for applying cleaning solutions and directs operators to ensure that there is no negative impact on equipment that may have been exposed to “non-approved” solutions.

The SIL is available on the Honeywell Pilot Gateway. Simply look in any SIL drawer within your make/model/software version page, or from the profile link in the top right, search on D202004000758.

Jim Johnson is Senior Manager Flight Technical Services. He can be reached via email at James.Johnson2@Honeywell.com.