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Honeywell Forge Flight Services Update

Honeywell Forge Flight Services Update

NextGen Website New Features

Honeywell Forge Flight Services recently updated and revamped their website. We are excited to show several of these new and updated features of the NextGen website.

One of the first things to note is the new look of the “Start” page. Previously, when users logged in, they were presented with a “dashboard” detailing News and Updates. Now when customers log in, they are presented with a list of their current flight plans, computed in the last two days.

Customers can make changes or update their flight plans directly from this page by locating their tail number, then checking the box on the left, and clicking the edit icon (the pencil).

Clicking on the pencil icon opens the flight plan. The route map is located on the right side, and flight information can be viewed on the left. Items that cannot be changed, such as tail number, departure, or destination are grayed out. Hovering the mouse over the DEPT or DEST items will show a red (prohibited) icon.

Other items that can be updated and changed are not grayed out. In the example below, in order to change the ALT, clicking on the Arrival Alt. 1 box opens a new drop-down window listing alternate airports that can be selected.

Scrolling down displays other items that can be changed, such as time, date, airspeed, or fuel. Simply click in the box, then enter the desired changes.

After making the desired changes, clicking the VIEW ROUTES button updates the window.

Once the window is updated, the original selected route is displayed at the top of the page. Other routes may be available to select. Once the route is selected, clicking the GENERATE FLIGHT PLAN button computes the new flight plan. Alternatively, clicking the MANAGE CONDITIONS button enables the user to further update and add or change step climbs, ETPs, or ETOP airports if necessary.

When finished making all the desired changes, click APPLY.

Customers can then make the appropriate selections from the popup window that displays or click PROCEED WITHOUT SELECTIONS if no changes are desired.

The Updated flight plan is then displayed. Customers may choose to update, modify, or cancel the filing, or they can choose further options to print, email, or create a PDF of the plan. They may also access runway analysis and weight and balance information or create a Trip Kit (flight package) by navigating the menu located to the right.

Once you’ve finished working on your flight plan, go to the top of the page and hover your mouse over the FLIGHT menu item and simply click on the desired item from the dropdown menu. To go back to the Start page, click on Flight Plans, to create a new plan, click on New Flight Plan, or access other functions, such as your Trip Kit or scheduling tool, by clicking the desired links. A new window opens with the desired function. Here, we have clicked on Flight Plans to go back to the Start page.

To recompute a flight plan with the latest winds, simply click circular arrow icon.

Flight plan details (similar to a summary) may now be viewed by clicking on the down arrow. The details are then displayed and the arrow changes to an up arrow, shown below.

The flight plan can also be updated or changed using the menu on the right. The menu will initially be grayed out.

To use the menu, check the left-hand box of the desired flight plan, and the menu will change to blue links, which can then be accessed by clicking on them.

While most of the Menu functions may be familiar, a few changes to note include the Create Next Leg and Duplicate (formerly “Reload”) links, as well as Archive (formerly Hide from View).

Clicking on the Archive link opens a popup window that allows customers to hide and cancel their past flight plans: Follow the prompts to archive the flight. When finished, the plan will no longer be visible in the queue. Although items behind the pop-up will be grayed out, here we have highlighted them for reference.

As you can see, there are many new and upgraded features on the NextGen website. Honeywell Forge Flight Data Specialists are available 24/7 to answer any questions regarding these changes and upgrades, and we also offer training and support via Skype. To schedule training, please contact us via phone, email, or chat.

Heidi Lichtenstein supports flight planning, datalink, and other services for Honeywell Forge Flight Services. She can be reached via email at