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Service Information Letter Briefing

Service Information Letter Briefing

NGFMS Reset Due to Duplicate Waypoints in NAV Database

An NGFMS anomaly was discovered recently by an operator that can cause a reset if the Active (or Secondary) Flight Plan pages have not been selected before entering any waypoints.

This anomaly resulted in an FMS (soft) reset, meaning the FMS performed a reset and recovery prior to additional flight plan entries. The issue occurred when the FMS was powered up and the crew had not yet accessed a Flight Plan Page (Active or Secondary).

Most operators have seen a scenario where they enter a waypoint in the flight plan and the FMS populates a list of waypoints with the same name that exist in different regions of the world for confirmation, such as the LOMPA waypoint.

LOMPA Is a Waypoint Name Used in Different Regions

The reset may occur if a waypoint name used for more than one location is selected in one of the non-FMS flight plan pages (POS INIT, FIX INFO, PILOT WPT LIST, Equal Time Point, etc.) and is then inserted into a Flight Plan page prior to accessing a flight plan page on power up.

Flight crews are advised to select the Active (or Secondary) flight plan pages prior to entering waypoints in any of the non-flight plan pages:

Avoiding this scenario is recommended, but if the FMS does reset, it will recover promptly.

This issue will be corrected in G650 FMS Block 3 software.