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Yellowhead Helicopters praises performance and reliability

Yellowhead Helicopters praises performance and reliability

From bases throughout British Columbia and Alberta, Yellowhead Helicopters has supported the forestry, mining, petroleum, utility and tourism industries for more than 40 years.

Included within the fleet are Astar AS350, Bell 205, Bell 206 JetRanger and LongRanger, Bell 212, Bell 427 and Eagle 212 helicopters.

Yellowhead Helicopters also operates two Eagle 407HPs, powered by Honeywell’s ground-breaking HTS900 engine. They are used for missions including heli-skiing, firefighting and exploration work.

The company has now flown its two Eagle 407HPs for more than 1,000 hours in total. The engine’s performance is delivering benefits to a range of hot-and-high altitude missions, with the HTS900 found to be both reliable and easy to maintain.


“Now that our customers have actually seen how the aircraft performs, it's changed their way of thinking from what aircraft will best suit them. In a lot of cases now, it's the 407HP. It fits perfectly into our fleet,” said Sean Rickards, director of operations, Yellowhead Helicopters.

Yellowhead Helicopters’ aircraft maintenance engineer, Robert Wittmack, added:

“The support that we’re receiving from Honeywell and Eagle Copters is very good. I would recommend the Eagle 407HP to other operators. I believe from a maintenance standpoint, they are easy to work with and easier to maintain.”

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