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Honeywell Connectivity Helps Tyrolean Elevate Passenger In-Flight Experience

Honeywell Connectivity Elevates In-Flight Experience

Tyrolean Jet Services (TJS) – a private jet charter and aircraft management company – has recently upgraded to the latest cockpit, cabin, and connectivity technologies to meet air navigation mandates and passenger expectations. It was essential for them to provide a state-of-the-art equipment, not only in the cockpit but also in terms of communication and entertainment in the cabin.

Tyrolean currently offers a full range of customized aircraft management services, including business and VIP charter flights, aircraft maintenance and sales, and concierge services. Martin Lener, TJS’s Chief Executive Officer, notes that “to attract charter clients it is very important that we offer state-of-the-art equipment, not only in the cockpit but also in terms of communication and entertainment in the cabin.” For an increasing number of passengers, being connected from takeoff to landing is no longer a luxury – it’s a requirement. Julia Sponring is a cabin crew member on JTS’s Bombardier Global: “Our guests demand gate-to-gate Internet connectivity”, and when your passengers can access work, home, friends, and leisure, the result is a better travel experience.

In light of all this, Honeywell Ovation Select was chosen as the new cabin management system, in combination with the Honeywell JetWave tail-mounted satellite communications (satcom) system and the Honeywell Forge Services connectivity solution. By using these Honeywell cabin-control applications, passengers are engaged, entertained, and informed throughout the entire duration of their flight.

“Before upgrading to the Honeywell JetWave satcom solution with Honeywell Forge Services, we had an older system that was not as reliable as we needed it to be and the broadband was a very low speed one,” says Erwin Haas, Project Lead Engineer at TJS.

"“Honeywell Forge is very fast and stable,” Sponring adds. “Also, our guests are really satisfied with the connectivity, and they appreciate the functions and ease of use of the Honeywell Ovation Select cabin.”

The cockpit upgrades have been equally well received, according to TJS’s fleet manager and captain for the Bombardier Global, Karl Koidl. “Having Honeywell Primus Elite avionics on board, our aircraft introduces the possibility to display graphical content such as approach and airport charts right in front of us on our multifunctional displays.”

Martin Lener attributes the success of the project to the 40-year-long relationship with Honeywell. “Long-term relationships are very, very important in our company.” Furthermore, he concludes that “the main benefit is that all of the systems – Ovation Select, JetWave, and Honeywell Forge Services – are coming from one single source and that we will be supported by Honeywell both technically and commercially.