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Why We’ve Extended Inspection Intervals On 134 Parts (With More to Come)

Why We’ve Extended Inspection Intervals On 134 Parts (With More to Come)

At Honeywell Aerospace, we’re driving to make it easier and less time consuming for aircraft operators to maintain their fleets. That’s why we’re undertaking a comprehensive review of our entire product portfolio to assess extending recommend maintenance intervals.

The objective is to identify opportunities to safely extend the time between routine inspections or to provide alternate parts with more time between inspection, saving operators time and money. We’ve already identified 134 components as part of this effort, including parts used in certain cockpit, safety, navigation and sensor, and power systems.

Operators can find details on these interval changes in the service bulletins on MyAerospace (login required).

Several hundred additional parts used in Air Transport aircraft and Business Jets are now being evaluated and we expect to announce more maintenance interval extensions over the next two years.

In reviewing this second wave of components, we’ll follow the same process used on the first 134 parts, which includes a thorough analysis of operating data provided by the aircraft operators, coupled with R/O shop data and appropriate engineering analysis.

Approximately 93 percent of Honeywell produced components are designated for on-condition maintenance, which means routine inspections are not required and maintenance is done only if the part fails. When this portfolio review is completed that number is projected to grow to 95 percent. We’re also working to align service intervals on the remaining 5 percent with other major aircraft maintenance milestones, to make it even easier for aircraft operators to service our equipment.

Maintenance is one of an airline’s most important responsibilities and at Honeywell, we’re committed to making our products more reliable and easier to maintain.

Mike Beazley
Vice President, Global Sales for the Commercial Aviation
Mike Beazley is the Vice President, Global Sales for the Commercial Aviation segment of Honeywell Aerospace. In this role, Mike is responsible for OEM and aftermarket sales on a broad portfolio of products and services including wheels and brakes, engines, APU, mechanical components, avionics, connectivity and cabin management systems to all Commercial Aviation customers. Mike leads a large global team that works with every aircraft manufacturer to position Honeywell equipment on new commercial aviation platforms in both the Airline and Business Jet markets. His team sells through a dealer network in the case of the business jet aftermarket and directly to Airlines and airline channel partners in the Air Transport aftermarket business.


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