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We Are Honeywell Patsy Barnes

We Are Honeywell Patsy Barnes

Patsy does not like imperfection. She will not allow it. Nor can she as a Honeywell Quality Physical Test Inspector for the past 40 years, responsible for inspecting parts that go into weapons used by the United States military.

Without question, there’s a lot riding on what she does. That’s why Patsy is so important. She’s the last line of defense to ensure that the final output is safe, secure and reliable.

“I have a strong passion for protecting the United States of America,” Patsy states.

“Consistency goes a long way. Everything has its place,” Patsy preaches. “If you do life like that, you’ll always be on point. And you know what, I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad day.”

It goes without saying, her passion for perfection is, well, perfect for her profession.

“I can easily look at something and tell if it’s crooked, dented, in the wrong order, discolored, flawed or just right,” Patsy confidently asserts.

To say she’s a stickler for detail and quality control is an understatement. But talk to anyone on Honeywell’s Kansas City Federal Manufacturing & Technologies team and they’ll tell you, Patsy is also a constant spark of positive energy.

“My New Year’s resolution is to be a better person,” says Patsy. “I’m good, but I can always get better,” she continues in her friendly Midwest/Southern drawl.

“She knows everyone in the facility,” says 32-year Honeywell veteran Greg Enserro. “She’s always keeping it light, joking with the engineers. She tells us to get our acts together and clean up our desks,” he adds, chuckling. “One time I came back from lunch and she had cleaned up my desk.”

The tools of Patsy’s trade are microscopes, calipers, gauges and microphones. But her day begins with magnets.

“Patsy has great attention to detail,” electrical engineer David Jarrell notes. “One of the things we did together was institute the ‘Big Board’. Patsy and I set up a magnetic board with magnets representing every part for every product. It allows us, in 15 to 20 minutes, to set a plan for the day that everyone could understand and follow. If Patsy wouldn’t have been such a big proponent of that, I don’t think it would’ve gone over.”

“If there is neatness and order, life flows,” Patsy philosophizes.

That credo flows right into her life outside of Honeywell. One of Patsy’s favorite hobbies is shopping.

“If I find sweaters crumpled on a table (at a store), I start folding,” Patsy admits. “I like to shop because I like to dress up a lot.”

Patsy makes no apologies for her weekend avocation. “I work hard for this stuff,” she says, with a laugh.

Patsy’s co-workers agree.

“When she sees something that looks wrong, she stops us and asks questions,” David Jarrell says. “It’s very helpful to us engineers. Honeywell has a culture of continuous improvement, and she sets a good example.”

“The parts we’re in charge of have many components,” Patsy explains. “We have to inspect them thoroughly at every level. It’s challenging, but it’s worth it.”

“There are highs and lows on any project,” Greg Enserro adds. “Her personality really helps keep morale on a high note.”

Patsy credits her Grandma for her positive outlook on life. "It takes more energy to frown than to smile. And, your attitude determines your altitude,’ my Grandma always said.”

When she’s not at Honeywell or shopping, Patsy spends time with her 3 brothers and 4 sisters. She also likes to travel. “Where do I like to go?” Patsy asks. “Anywhere that has a beach and water. But it has to be a beach that’s in another country.”

No matter where she goes, what she’s doing or who she’s with, Patsy rarely strays far from consistency. “I always wear black,” she boasts. “Because you can dress it up or dress it down.”

“There are people you want to follow,” says Greg Enserro. “You don’t really know why, you just do it. You know, people think, if Patsy’s doing it and approves of it, it’s probably worth doing.”

After 40 years at Honeywell, Patsy still loves her job, the mission of Honeywell and the people she works side by side with daily. In fact, she’s enjoying “showing the new folks how to do it with passion and enthusiasm,” she says.

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