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Three Ways We Made MyAerospace the Easiest to Use Portal in Aviation

Three Ways We Made MyAerospace the Easiest to Use Portal in Aviation

When customers make your online portal a destination for processing millions of transaction every year, they expect the system to be quick, easy and responsive. Here are three ways Honeywell brought digital transformation innovations to its versatile MyAerospace portal – creating a site that delivers a great user experience every time.

Responsive Design. There’s no waiting for the right moment to visit MyAerospace. The site quickly responds to whatever you need whether you’re accessing it by phone, tablet or computer. No matter which device you choose, the info is easy to find with menus designed for ease of use. So you can effortlessly complete what you came to the site for – whether it’s ordering and tracking aircraft repairs, managing in-flight connectivity services or configuring critical software for aircraft platforms.

Extensive Research. With customers from around the world accessing MyAerospace all day every day, functionality must be tailored to many unique expectations. That’s why Honeywell started with strategic research in 25 countries to evaluate user needs, understand process pain points and validate conceptual designs. This comprehensive exploration paid off with a portal guided by customer insights and design principles to establish transparency, understanding and trust.

Personalization. A wide variety of aircraft audiences need MyAerospace, ranging from pilots and maintenance engineers to passengers. Our team of visual, industrial and interaction designers joined forces with information architects, technologists and user experience researchers to ensure the site delivers relevant information specific to each user. Using well-established personalization principles, they distilled data into information critical for each user type. The result: A responsive framework to get tasks done.

No wonder MyAerospace was recognized in the A’Design competition in 2018, winning its top Website and Web Design award. With an intuitive design distinguished by its simplicity, MyAerospace helps our customers worldwide perform the difficult tasks required to keep any size operation running smoothly.

Kathryn Kearney
Content Marketing Specialist
Katie Kearney is the global content marketing specialist for Honeywell Aerospace.


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