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Three Reasons a Maintenance Service Plan May Be Just Right for You

Three Reasons a Maintenance Service Plan May Be Just Right for You

Much as you enjoy admiring your shiny aircraft poised at the gate or hangar, you know where it really belongs: in the wild blue yonder.

An aircraft grounded for maintenance issues isn’t doing passengers any favors. So unless you’re mighty handy with magneto synchronizers, die grinders and rivet guns…you may want to consider three ways a maintenance service plan (MSP) can help you keep your investment flying safely and efficiently.

Maximize your uptime. There are so many things that have to operate “just so” on an aircraft that it’s hard to keep track of scheduled servicing for all the avionics subsystems, APU, engines and myriad mechanical components—not to mention aircraft on the ground emergency issues.

So worry-free uptime is really about taking the uncertainty out of your maintenance planning, which is exactly the point of an MSP: maximizing aircraft dispatchability based on broad coverage of all the critical systems.

In addition to emergency service, there is an option for “consigned inventory” for faster turnarounds. We can position flyaway and onsite kits literally within arm’s reach at your location so you have immediate access to critical spares and exchange units.

Keep costs predictable. A customized MSP helps ensure you have predictable and manageable maintenance costs, along with priority access to parts.

For example, the largest business jet operator in Asia was able to save nearly $1 million in maintenance costs through a cost optimization solution combined with Honeywell’s efficient, professional project experience. Their MSP covers environmental control systems, cabin pressure control systems and avionics.

With rate adjustments limited by U.S. government economic indices, you get the stable, predictable costs you need to manage the operation, ultimately flowing to the bottom line as protection of your investment.

Minimize stress and aggravation. Chances are you can’t or don’t want to be in the maintenance business—you want to be in the getting-where-you-need-to-go business with a minimum of headaches.

For one thing, keeping a maintenance shop fitted out with all the necessary specialized equipment and manuals is a tall order for any operation. It’s both expensive and time-consuming.

And you may not have the specialized expertise in each particular subsystem: APUs, wheels and brakes, avionics, propulsion, mechanical components and more.

The bottom line is that Honeywell can offer you a customized maintenance service plan designed to make it easy for you to control the unexpected and keep your fleet where it belongs: out of the red and into the blue.

Kathryn Kearney
Content Marketing Specialist
Katie Kearney is the global content marketing specialist for Honeywell Aerospace.


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