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Three Aerospace Black Leaders Give Their Best Leadership Advice

Three Aerospace Black Leaders Give Their Best Leadership Advice

This Black History Month – and always,  – we’re celebrating our employees and their perspectives.

What does it take to excel as a leader?

To get inspired, we asked leaders from Aerospace to share their insights.


Monta Fowlkes, Senior Director of Sales for Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS) business

Real growth comes from change, so always be open to trying something new and unfamiliar. Many of my best experiences came after I took on something entirely new and outside of my comfort zone. The opportunities are everywhere. Take them.

Ricky Freeman, President, Defense & Space

Consider a diamond.

It is strong, resilient, enduring and is perfected under heat and pressure.

Also, the more facets a diamond has, the more brilliant it shines.

A leader that treats his/her team like a diamond will realize similar benefits for the company.

Build a team with the many ‘“facets’” of diversity, inclusion and equity.

Build a team where everyone has a voicevoice, and their opinion is respected.

Build a team that doesn’t see people as rungs on a ladder to your success.

A true leader IS THE LADDER.

Such teams are enduring, resilient and strong.

Such teams thrive under pressure.

In fact, the greater the pressure, the more brilliant they shine.

T.J. Pope Senior, Director, Supplier Development for Aerospace Industry and Military Aviation Leader

Inspire greatness with a clearly communicated Mission, Vision and End State

Good leaders have a clear Mission mission or purpose, a vision –  guide posts on how it will be achieved, and what the success looks like when it is achieved. 

Communicate this thoroughly to your team. Latch onto that end-state as though it has already happened. Transport yourself into the future so you can see it with picture clarity. Share it with your team so they can see it and do what it takes to achieve it.

Effective leaders must have vision, creativity and the ability to influence others to follow and support them. Paraphrasing words from the late General Colin Powell, “‘You can demand the backs of employees, but they volunteer their hearts and minds.”’. Great leaders have the ability to share their vision in a way that allows them to tap into the latent talents and energies of people and unlock that voluntary effort.

Show gratitude for effort and results

Some leaders underestimate the importance of the words ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Using them demonstrates a level of respect and humility that people desire and appreciate and can help build trust. Consistent and sincere appreciation and recognition often means as much to teams as grandiose gestures and awards.

Aerospace Technologies Marketing

We inspire innovation. We are passionate and fearless inside and outside of work. We join forces and celebrate our global team. Now you can learn a little bit more about the amazing people that make up our culture at Honeywell Aerospace Technologies.


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