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Space Symposium

Once again, the Honeywell Space team will be attending the 35th Space Symposium in Colorado Springs at The Broadmoor Hotel from April 7-11.

Once again, the Honeywell Space team will be attending the 35th Space Symposium in Colorado Springs at The Broadmoor Hotel from April 7-11. This amazing gathering of global space professionals, hosted by the Space Foundation feels like a family reunion of all your favorite cousins, wrapped up into a productive business trip.

The enthusiasm is palpable with such a large gathering of our fellow Proud Space Nerds across the global Space community and the Honeywell Aerospace team, as both seasoned veterans and new space disruptors, touch every aspect of the Space business that is celebrated at this event.

So, in a nutshell, what is the Honeywell Space team up to?

Connecting the universe: we create next-generation bus and payload satellite technology – delivering smaller, more flexible and cost-efficient solutions for single craft or constellations.

Answering big questions: we help humanity better measure, explore and understand our universe and Earth – developing solutions for optical payloads, small satellites and science missions of all types.

Limitless goals: we’ve been making them happen in Human Space from the Apollo program to the Mission to Mars, and beyond.

We can take you higher: our technology is on over 90% of all U.S. launch vehicles ever built.

Partners in Secure Solutions: our future-forward technology delivers high-accuracy, next-generation Strategic Systems.

Small but mighty: we design and build microelectronics tough enough to endure the rigors of Space and smart enough to drive spacecraft and strategic systems.

It’s a big portfolio and a powerful legacy. We keep astronauts alive, deliver your cell phone signal and Netflix movies, provide weather and climate information, point spacecraft precisely, enable rockets to take off and spacecraft to land. Our products point, control, steer, see, record, measure and so much more. We’d say the sky is the limit but it clearly is not!

If you are attending the 35th Space Symposium, you can visit us at Booth 428 in the Exhibition Centre and at The Penrose Suite at The Broadmoor Main. You can also visit our main landing page to find out more about our products and how to contact our team at any time.

Patty Attwell
Marketing Communications Manager
Patty Attwell joined Honeywell during the 2016 acquisition of Canadian satellite payload and space systems experts, COM DEV International, where she was Manager of Global Corporate Communications. She is now the marketing communications manager for Honeywell's Space Enterprise, bringing together the amazing history of 60 years of leadership in space mission solutions; with our latest cutting-edge technology that will propel the emerging space markets of tomorrow.


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